When it comes to metallic solids used individually as components or as parts of larger machines, it is important to understand the structural consistency so that there is no problem while it is being used. But the testing of metals that is carried out by subjecting them to stress, pressure or other forces often cause them to get damaged or broken. In order to prevent this, Non Destructive testing (NDT) is carried out to inspect, test or evaluate materials. We offer a large number of NDT options.

If the metal that is to be tested or inspected has ferromagnetic properties, then a very useful process is Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT). The component that is to be tested has a magnetic current passed through it. If there are any flaws or defects, then the flow of magnetic current gets interrupted. Another way MPT is carried out after this is to spread metal particles on the surface of the solid. Because of the flux leakage at the location of the flaw, there will be a clear visible indication. NDT Yoke Machines are tools that are very often used in MPT. They have flexible legs and are portable, so they can be taken to the place where testing is needed to be done. We have a range of electromagnetic yokes and tricon guns.

Another popular method of checking for flaws is called Dye Penetrant testing. This is also referred to as liquid penetrant testing. It is mostly used to detect cracks on the surface of metal elements which are too fine to be easily detected by visual inspection. The capillary action on brightly coloured dues is the property that is used for this method of non-destructive testing. This involves three kinds of liquids – cleaner, penetrant, and developer.

Ultraviolet rays of light are also commonly used in non-destructive testing. The light of this frequency is also referred to as black light. UV LED Black Light testing equipment helps to find indications of faults faster and easier.

For the last 8 years, Magmatic has been one of the leading providers of such non-destructive testing tools and equipment. Our team of experts includes people who have several decades of valuable experience in this field. Apart from the equipment we provide, you can also get related accessories and consumables from use. We carry out service calibration on site, and also offer inspection services on a regular basis.